Every season, we come out with a new Menu - with prints that you can create using our patent-pending recipes.  When you come in, you will be able to see the prints in person, select your recipe to create and pick a product to showcase your creation - accent pillow, placemats, napkins, athletic tee, UPF 50 shirt, baby blanket, baby onesie and more.  The price of your experience includes your finished product.

Want more customization?  Each of these designs can be customized more with text - names, birthdays, dates and more. Want more customization for your bridal party, baby shower or other special occasion?  Contact us and we can work with you to create a completely custom design.

     Shark Bite Martini - a modern twist on the tropical classic, the shark bite martini is smooth and sophisticated.

 Catch of the Day - Fresh and light, but packed with flavor.  This is one of our favorites for the lover of sport fishing and anything ocean.

Pineapple Smoothie - A classically refreshing flavor, perfect for any tropical style.  
 Blueberry Raspberry Shebert - A perfect blend of flavors that fit right in with nautical style.
Cinnamon Swirl Mocha - Crisp, sweet and smooth.  This fall/winter favorite brings back an artisanal blend that is well-known to our palettes.
Candy cane-Mint LatteWhat's the holiday season without a little Candy cane and mint blend? You've been waiting all year for this one. Go ahead and indulge.  This recipe is for the Candy cane (red) only.
Candycane-Mint Latte - A perfect compliment to the candy-cane flavor, mint is full of holiday cheer.  This recipe is for the mint (green) only.
Jack Frost Cocktail - Best known as winter's version of the pina colada!  The "snowflakes" are an ode to the tropics and are actually made of small pieces of coral.