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What is CBLU Design Studio?

What is CBLU Design Studio?

We are the world's first "sip and print" studio where we connect people through art and technology in a completely new way. Our patent-pending Design Parties take groups on a journey of digital design, tapping into ancient art techniques that are seen across time, religions and cultures.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Each Design Party focuses on abstract art where there is no such thing as perfection: Mandalas, Paisleys or Geometrics. With tablets as our canvas, a user-friendly app and Art Instructors make the experience fun, simple and memorable. Even the least creative person can make breathtaking designs that we can print on items like journals, apparel, jewelry, pillows and more.


What if I am not creative?

No problem. Our patent-pending education system helps anyone design print-worthy art. It's easy, fun and takes away the pressure of generating creativity on demand.

How much does it cost?

The Design Party costs $30 per person and includes studio time, a dedicated Art Guide and your design printed on a CBLU Keepsake. You can upgrade items to include apparel, home decor and more starting at $20.

What CBLU Keepsakes are available?

We update CBLU Keepsakes from time to time and seasonally. Right now, our CBLU Keepsake is a dry erase message board customized with your design and, if you choose, text.

What other items can you print on?

We can also print on tee shirt, yoga pants, onesies, blankets, hand towels, placemats, charm bracelets, necklace pendants and earrings. These upgrades start at $20. We can also source items to print for you if you're ordering 10+ items.

How long does it take?

Design Experience are 1.5 - 2 hours long.

Can I book a group event?

Absolutely! We are set up for parties with BYOB food and beverages. We can help you with catering or you can go potluck. We can also help create custom designs just for your group - bridal parties, fishing charters, family reunions, sports teams, non-profits, social clubs - we can't wait to give you a unique experience! To book a group, submit the contact us form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

The Magic behind CBLU

We are the world's first "sip and print" studio where we connect people through art and technology in a completely new way.  Our patent-pending Design Parties take groups on a journey of digital design, tapping into ancient art techniques that are seen across time, religions and cultures.  Thanks to our user-friendly app and Art Guides, it is so fun and simple, even the least creative person can make breathtaking designs.  The experience does not end there - we print the designs onto clothing, pillows, jewelry and more for memories you can hold.  

Meet Desiree, our Founder

CBLU Design Studio is the brainchild of St. Petersburg entrepreneur, Desiree Noisette.  Desiree's background is varied - she practiced construction law for years before jumping ship to start a swim and resort wear boutique (Cerulean Blu).  

During her time at Cerulean Blu, Desiree learned how to design apparel by harnessing her new found passion for textile design.  After studying the technology and art form for years, she created patent-pending technology that gives CBLU Art Guides the ability to help people of all skill levels design amazing prints for custom apparel, home decor and gifts.

 Meet Megan, our Lead Art Guide

Megan Orlofske - Lead Art Guide

Native Florida artist, Megan Orlofske is known for her mezmerizing mandala paintings. She uses a medetative, cyclical approach that blends spontaneity and symmetry. Megan's art is inspired by geometric patterns seen in nature and ancient architecture. She has facilitated mandala art healing workshops across Florida for two years, and has been painting with acrylics for almost a decade.   

CBLU Design Studio is located at 400 Beach Drive, Suite 169 in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.  You can reach us by phone at (727) 498-8984.